MiniVerde™ Ultra Dwarf Bermudagrass

MiniVerde™ is a fine-bladed Ultra Dwarf Bermudagrass plant. It is the ultimate warm season turfgrass for golf course, putting greens, tees, and surrounds. MiniVerde™ is superior to all other commercially grown ultradwarfs with its dark green color, salt tolerance, shade tolerance, disease tolerance, and its recovery from injury.


MiniVerde™ has the finest leaf blade with excellent green color that can be closely mowed to heights below 1/8 inch.

Water Quality Tolerance

MiniVerde™ has the highest salt tolerance of all Ultra Dwarf Bermuda grasses.

Weed Tolerance

MiniVerde™ spreads quickly during establishment and forms a dense turf which will compete with the presence of weeds when properly maintained. A good pre-emerge program is recommended after the turf is established.

Insect/Pest Tolerance

MiniVerde™ is susceptible to insects that feed on foliage of most all turf type bermudagrasses.


MiniVerde™ is sterile, and must be propagated by transferring stolons or sod.