Athletic Fields

At Phillip Jennings Turf we understand the complexity of an athletic field. Safety, playability, and aesthetics are all components of a well built athletic field. Our selection of turfgrasses can fit your field needs whether it is a local municipal field to a professional stadium.

Sports Field Services

Contract Grown Turf

Jennings Turf will grow grass just as you prescribe. If you desire a special mix underneath your turf we will be happy to help out.

Overseeded Turf

Our state of the art overseeding techniques can ensure you quality turf throughout the winter months. We can overseed turf with any particular mix you may desire.

Thick Cut Sod

If you often replace worn areas on your athletic field and then must play on it immediately then we have the answer for you. We can cut sod thick enough so that even the largest lineman in the NFL won't feel that it is new turf underneath his feet. Thick cut sod allows you to safely repair areas without safety concerns for your players.


FIBERSOIL is a reinforced polypropylene fiber sand layer ideal for turf growth and resistance. FIBERSOIL is an ideal solution for athletic fields where heavy traffic occurs. Learn more about FIBERSOIL.