About Phillip Jennings

Phillip Jennings Turf Farms, LLC is a producer of thirteen different varieties of turfgrass. Founded in 1998, the company has grown into Georgia’s largest producer of certified turfgrasses. With over 3,000 acres of turf, Phillip Jennings Turf Farms has distinguished itself as an industry leader. We are the University of Georgia’s foundation grower of Sea Isle 1, Sea Isle 2000 and Sea Isle Supreme.

Domestically, Jennings Turf has established a reputation of providing quality products, on-time delivery and fair pricing. Jennings Turf customers include golf courses, athletic fields, commercial landscape companies, commercial retail outlets, and homeowners.

Internationally, Jennings Turf is an industry leader in sales of washed sprigs and sod. In late 2004 Jennings Turf constructed a state-of-the art washing facility. The washing facility, consisting of multiple sprig washing machines, allows for maximum output and freshness. Customers around the world have come to depend on Jennings Turf to meet their global needs.

Jennings Turf was the grower and supplier of turf for Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, FL. Jennings Turf is the exclusive sod supplier to Home Depot and Pike Family Nurseries in the Southeastern United States.