TifBlair Centipede

(Also known as Emerald Ice Centipede)

TifBlair is a dense, low-maintenance, shade and cold-tolerant turf, which can be established by either seed or sod. This new certified centipede, developed by renowned USDA/ARS geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna, was bred to give landscape professionals, highway departments and home owners a superior centipede variety with a patented pedigree. Like TifEagle and TifSport, the new bermudagrass standards, TifBlair is a product of the internationally recognized turfgrass breeding program in Tifton, Georgia, and is available only through qualified licensed producers.

Advantages of TifBlair Centipede:

Cold Hardy Enough For Northern Climates

One of the biggest advantages of TifBlair over common centipede and St. Augustine grass is its improved cold tolerance. Tests conducted over 3 winters at Stillwater, OK and Blairsville, GA, demonstrated that TifBlair can survive prolonged severe winter temperatures. This is good news if youíre looking for an aggressive, low-maintenance turf that will do well on highway roadsides or commercial and residential lawns in the more northerly regions.

Adapts Remarkably Well To Dry Conditions

With the volatile weather patterns, water shortages and outright water bans of the last few years, no wonder landscape professionals are looking for grasses with improved drought tolerance. TifBlairís unique deep-rooting system gives it the ability to produce superior turf even in poor quality soils and under persistent day-in day-out dry conditions.

Improved Plant Vigor Shortens Grow-In Time

On-farm comparisons of TifBlair and common centipede have shown that TifBlair grown from seed establishes more rapidly and with greater consistency than common centipede. This translates into a big advantage for homeowners and landscape professionals alike. Everybody benefits from shorter grow-in times, fewer weed problems and denser turf stands. And thatís the beauty of certified TifBlair centipede.