Residential Services

Phillip Jennings Turf Farms provides expert agronomic services to our residential clients, helping them make the proper turf grass selections for their lawn. We provide a large variety of grasses that were developed and grown to be used through-out the southeast. Phillip Jennings Turf Farms, LLC provides delivery to our clients home sites as well as installation upon request.

Fertilization and Soil Test

Before applying fertilizer to your residential and commercial lawn it is recommended that you have the soil analyzed by a professional laboratory. Your local county extension office can provide you this service through the University system. Once you receive the results we recommend that you follow this helpful guide to calculating fertilizer rates from the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Frequently Asked Residential Questions

Is there any minimum when ordering residential turf grass from Phillip Jennings Turf Farms?
Yes. Orders must be for at least 3 pallets or rolls of turf grass. A truckload will normally be 18 pallets.

Are there any shipping fees for delivery of the turf grass from Phillip Jennings Turf Farms?
Yes. A delivery fee will be charged based on the mileage to your location and a fuel surcharge will be added depending upon the cost of diesel fuel. Ask your sales rep for details. If interested in shipping overseas please see our International Turf Grass Export section.