Phillip Jennings Turf International Export Facility Nears Completion

Soperton, GA: Phillip Jennings Turf Farms is in the final stages of completing their new International Export Facility. Once the facility is complete it will the only one of its kind in the world. The facility is a covered self contained unit comprised of three separate washing machines. These machines are strategically located so that there is no chance of cross contamination of different grasses.

The water used for washing the grass is from a deep well system and is not recycled but rather drained off into an off site drainage retention area. "We felt is was important to use a well as the water source to ensure that we would not have any chance of contamination" said John Holmes, Global Sales Manager.

The washing machines themselves are hydraulically driven and self contained thus using less labor in the washing process. "Our ultimate goal is to be able to make washed sprigs more affordable for our international customers so that they will be more likely to direct plant a golf course rather than go through the process of planting their own nursery" said Phillip Jennings, President of Phillip Jennings Turf Farms.

On a weekly basis the new facility will allow Jennings Turf to wash three times the amount of sprigs than any other washing facility in the country. "Our customers will be able to receive their orders at least five days earlier than ever before which means a fresher product" stated Holmes.

For further information regarding Phillip Jennings Turf and International Exporting please contact John Holmes at (706) 882-2212.