Phillip Jennings Turf Farms Announces the Release of Sea Isle Supreme

Soperton, GA: Phillip Jennings Turf Farms is excited to announce the release of the University of Georgiaís newest paspalum, Sea Isle Supreme. Phillip Jennings Turf Farms is the foundation grower for Sea Isle Supreme and has been blown away by its performance.

Sea Isle Supreme is a golf course superintendentís dream. It is suitable for all areas of a golf course from roughs to tees. Using Sea Isle Supreme wall to wall on courses will eliminate superintendentís worries of contamination.

Benefits of Sea Isle Supreme include:

  • Suitability for greens, fairways, roughs and tees
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal water and fertilization
  • Superior salt tolerance
  • Low nitrogen and minimal pesticide requirements
  • Attractive shiny, dark-green color with excellent striping characteristics

Phillip Jennings, one of the spokesmen for the new SeaIsle Supreme Growers Association, said "We've got five top-notch producers who are now licensed to grow and market SeaIsle Supreme. It will probably be mid-July when the first Supreme is ready for harvest and sale."

View our section on Sea Isle Supreme or contact Phillp Jennings Turf Farms for more information.